You can take Profit so I did Thank you 

You can take Profit so I did Thank you

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Hi Long thank you for the trade tips ‘ like you said you can take profit so i did thank you
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trade is simple.
before I talked to you in the video is any market common rule secret.
so very very important.
please trade with daily time frame.


Why Candlestick patterns are important?
Candlestick graphs are the representation of market participants’ aggregate view and emotional response to prices.
Candles are mainly triggers after a trade idea has occurred to a trader.
The most important thing which candlestick patterns help to do is to help the traders make a decision whether they should buy or sell.

A wrong move in investing in the market can cause a great loss for a trader.
By checking out the candle patterns,
one can easily figure out their queries about making a trade.
But a trader should be very cautious about identifying the signs of the candlestick to make a perfect move in the market.
There are many examples of traders actually being very successful using the trading tricks of analyzing candlestick patterns like hammers,
hanging man,
Doji patterns etc.
Each of the patterns tell the traders about the market flow of investment.

The most important part in analyzing a pattern is to figure out the right pattern for investing.
Many of the candlestick signs look quite similar to each other with opposite actions like the hammer and the hanging man is quite similar to each other.
while analyzing pattern the trader should be careful in interpreting and decide by analyzing all the important factors of the market patterns.

There are lots of sites and online videos that can help traders to learn more specifically about the patterns and their ins and outs.
It is very important that traders learn all the things about those patterns before implying their knowledge on the actual investment.
they can face a harsh consequence in investment market.

A safe trading can only be assured if the traders can actually imply their candlestick pattern knowledge properly in their decisions.
With the help of candlestick signs,
the decision making can be a lot easier for the traders.

It is good to trade Upside or Downside

You can take Profit so i did Thank youYou can take Profit so i did Thank you