Can you show me how you trad with strangest strategy now 


Cans you show me how you trad with strangest strategy now

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Hello M. Long,

Can you show me how you trad with strangest strategy now, with all tips and

filter and stop loss and take profit and if you wait candel close or you use sell and buy order …

Thank you so much
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Difference of Price Action and Indicator Trading
Traders have to use a method for trading in the market.
Many traders use indicators in their trading charts to trade successfully.
These indicators are basically the result of price movements.
Expert traders tend to trade in price action trading method.
In this method, traders use the movement of the price in the market to know the direction of the market.
This is basically what the indicators do in any chart.
Price action traders use their intuition instead of these lagging indicators.
Many expert traders have already accepted price action trading method as the best and most successful method.
But to be truthful, price action method also have lacking and if not properly used, it can fail the traders.
Price action method needs deep and careful observation of the market trends and results.
But the market can change at any minute and make a completely different result from the previous results.
That’s why there is no holy grail in the market and traders have to take risk in every method.
Again using indicators cannot give you 100% accurate result in trading.
Depending on how you have your indicators set, generally the default setting is for indicators to update in real-time, along with the
last price bars closing price.
That means you could be watching a 10 minute bar chart and be witnessing a Stochastic Indicator crossing, or a moving average cross,
or an RSI indicator crossing above 70.
And when you think you’re getting a signal to buy or sell, you make the trade.
But, all of a sudden price makes an immediate change in direction before the close of the bar, causing the signal for your trade to disappear.
This is a common problem faced by the traders.
The market is uncertain and so are its results.

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