Here is my Candlestick trading kindle book 

Here is my Candlestick trading kindle book

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Here is my candlestick trading kindle book



Here is my Candlestick trading kindle bookHere is my Candlestick trading kindle book

Two attempts rule of price action trading

Price action trading is one of the most common concepts in the trading market.
The concept of price action trading embodies the analysis of basic price movement as a methodology for financial speculation.
What differentiates this trading from most forms of technical analysis is that its main focus is the relation of a security’s current price to its past prices.
Two attempts rule is one of the common terms in the price action trading.
This rule is based on the previous market trends and history.
The two attempts rule is basically for the traders who observe the market carefully.
One key observation of price action traders is that the market often revisits price levels where it reversed or consolidated.
If the market reverses at a certain level, then on returning to that level, the trader expects the market to either carry on past the reversal point or to reverse again.
The trader takes no action until the market has done one or the other.
It is considered to bring higher probability trade entries, once this point has passed and the market is either continuing or reversing again.
The traders do not take the first opportunity but rather wait for a second entry to make the trade.
If the second attempt by bears to force the market down to new lows fails, a double bottom and the point at which many bears will abandon their bearish opinions.
Then they will start buying, joining the bulls and generating a strong move upwards.
For example, after a break-out of a trading range or a trend line, the market may return to the level of the break-out.
Then instead of rejoining the trading range or the trend, will reverse and continue the break-out.
This is also known as ‘confirmation’.
The two attempts rule is often practiced by the traders.

If open bar is near previous bar low then sell entry strategy