candlestick trading lot sizing 

candlestick trading lot sizing

readers message
Hi Long,
I took 10 trades today.

1. Long EU-perfect trade
2. Long GU. Stop loss hit.
3. Short GU. perfect trade
4. Short EJ- perfect trade
5. Long UJ- stop loss hit
6. Short UJ- perfect trade
7. Long UC-Block Trade- Perfect trade

Opening Balance: $1882. Ending Balance: $1854

I made 5 perfect trades- that closed positive.
I made some bad emotional trades where I jumped in and out of positions because I was emotional after I took the first full loss.
I also traded a Double Block trade on the UC, which broke my rules. I am ONLY to trade color trades this week, so I will watch the UC for a color set up and trade it.

Overall, If I had just followed the rules, I would have come out a lot more ahead than I am now- even with the 2 full stop outs. I realize my mistakes, and I will do better.

Any advice will be helpful. I will send you my final update after I am done trading for the day.

Right now, I am waiting for a double block on the UC, and a LONG Double Block on the EJ.

QUESTION: Once you have a LONG double block trade open and closed, do you remove the PENDING Sell stop, or leave it n case the market reverses?

first 2
if you win 4
2win then decrease 1 lot
if you lose 2lot

video here