Candlestick trading with ichimoku 

Candlestick trading with ichimoku

readers message


Hello sir,
It’s been almost a month since my last mail and report.

I continued to test the color trading strategy in 15 minutes. I can say that I am a winner, but I am dissatisfied because I often have big losses, and you often have to compensate for this with a wide range of winnings.

My question is whether you can give me a boost if you need to pair your strategy with ichimoku. I have been working for 2 days and I can say that I am close to something, but I wish your help, I could see on tradeview that you are an expert of ichimoku.

Best regards!


ichimoku is also Japanese ancient reliable indicator
that shows great trading oppotunity

ichimoku consist of
kinjyun means basic
tenkan means change
these are short time indicator
chikou and cloud means long term indicar

here is candlestick trading with ichimoku
these shows down trend
if kinjyun tenkan chikou
are higher than cloud then bulltrend
if kinjyun tenkan chikou
are lower than cloud then bear trend
if candlestick bar close inside cloud
price will go out side

if candlestick upper close and close inside cloud
then sell price will go down and out side close

video here