CFD Copper candlestick 

CFD Copper candlestick


The supply of copper is also limited, so copper traders can expect to see rising prices as available supplies gradually diminish. With global demand likely to keep rising, copper trading could be very
profitable in years to come.

You cannot have a bullish reversal pattern in an uptrend.

but if the trend is up it is not a bullish Japanese candle pattern.

Likewise, you can not have a bearish reversal candle pattern in a downtrend. You can have a series of candlesticks that resemble the bullish pattern.

A basic hanging man strategy used when a trader identifies a hanging man candlestick pattern is a very straightforward “one Sell at or just after” the close of the hanging man candlestick with a stop-loss order placed a bit above the market’s recent high.

More conservative traders may wait to see confirmation of the pattern by a lower close of the next candlestick before entering a sell order.

CFD Swiss 20 candlestick

CFD Copper candlestickCFD Copper candlestick