CFD Germany 30 Candlestick 

CFD Germany 30 Candlestick


DAX 30 is stocks of the 30 largest German stock companies volatility of the DAX has been running high.
DAX index is to use a range trading strategy. you will find that the stop loss levels use on the Dow don’t work so well with the DAX.

Which is a positive thing for making large profits. This means that you have to be very careful with your stop loss so that you don’t sustain runaway losses.

As well as an average range that’s about three times the range of the S&P 500. Some of the best trading time is when the market has just opened, say the first 30 minutes. Because opening time is very powerful price action.

You will learn to make most of your gains from it quickly.

DAX is different from the US indices, and that is to do with the trader habits. You will see that there’s not a lot of back and forth action as traders try to figure out the overall direction for the market.

DAX is easier to trade, as it tends to trend for several hours at a time with only small pullbacks.

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CFD Germany 30 CandlestickCFD Germany 30 Candlestick