CFD Japan 225 Candlestick forecast pattern 

CFD Japan 225 Candlestick forecast pattern


CFD Japan 225 correlation price action to spx and NASDAQ.

SPX down, Japan 225 index also down Nasdaq down, Japan 225 index also down.

So there is delay price action SPX down then sell Japan index.


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CFD Japan 225 Candlestick forecast pattern
Naked Trading- Trading in Price Action
Naked trading means trading without any indicator, based on price action only.
There is no need of indicators to define the naked trading patterns.
Price action is the basement of the indicators, so in one way, naked traders are actually going to the basics.
Trends are the most important things in any type of trading method.
A major trend must have a series of higher highs or lower lows.
Understanding and identifying these trend patterns is an important work for the price action traders.
Once the traders can identify and understand the trend pattern, they can know the overall direction of the market.
Then they can move or stay with the strongest trends in the market.
If traders are having problems regarding finding the significant trends, they have to focus.
Many times, traders lose focus in the chaos of the market and make a wrong move.
Once traders enter in a strong trend, they need to follow the trend and manage to stop just behind the highest highs and lowest lows.
This will help them to stay in a trend without risking their investments.
The market may enter in a consolidation or reversing, if a previous high/low is broken.
The traders should remember that trading is a risky thing and the market can change at any time.
So, just relying on the trends and not taking risks cannot do here.
Traders have to go according to their intuition to make the trades and always stay positive and leave the field in a possible better time.
With price action trading, traders can easily take their risks according to their intuition and also observe the trend closely.
Price action or naked trading needs lots of time to master and be an experienced trader.
So, without a good knowledge of trading, traders should not jump into any trading method unnecessarily.

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