CFD Soybeans Candlestick 

CFD Soybeans Candlestick


Candlestick trading strategy mat hold

In an uptrend, a big white candle is followed by a number of small, mostly black bodies.

The pattern ends with a big white candle with a new high price.

1st day is a long white day.

2nd day is a red day that gaps above the 1st day.

The next two days are small body days which trend lower and stay within the upper range of the 1st day.

The last day is a white day which closes above the previous four day’s range.

A Bearish Mat Hold occurs during a downtrend. The first day is a long black day.

On the second day, price opens below the close of the first black day, makes a new minor low, but the bar develops with a short body.

The third and fourth days also see small bodies rising from the low of the second day, but in which the bars remain below the high of the first long black day.

On the fifth day a further long black day occurs that declines below the low of the first day.