CFD Swiss 20 candlestick 

CFD Swiss 20 candlestick


DAX is leading indicator of CFD Swiss 20 DAX price down after Swiss 20 Index down

A leading indicator is a measurable economic factor that tends to change right before the economy starts to change. Either upwards or downwards and are used to predict movements and trends.

Some of the common leading indicators are the stock market, retail sales, building permits, the housing market and business startups. An increase in housing prices may mean demand is exceeding supply.

Use candlestick three white soldiers

CFD Swiss index trading strategy based on identifying a three white soldiers candlestick pattern is designed to profit from the pattern’s signal of a bearish market reversal.

The three white soldiers pattern is a strong bearish reversal signal.

The three white soldiers are three consecutive candlesticks.

All three candles feature long bodies with short wicks that close near the candle’s high.

Each candlestick opens within the range of the previous candlestick and then advances price sharply higher.

Trading Strategy

Close of the third candle Buy

Provided that price is above the high of the second candle at the time.

Place an initial stop-loss order just below the low of the third candle.

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CFD Swiss 20 candlestickCFD Swiss 20 candlestick