color change and previous inside close means range 

color change and previous inside close means range

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Hi Long,

I have been trading for quite some time in other markets long term, and have done very well. I no longer want to carry overnight risk, so I now trade FOREX intraday.
I am not consistently profitable, and I would like to be. I also want to trade price action but I have not been successful either. Let me make you an offer. I will pay you 5 installments of $400.00.
When it reaches $2,000.00, THEN you teach me your course. I really need your help. I like what I see, and I believe that you can teach me to be profitable. My goal is to make $800.00 to $1,000.00 a week. I have the time, and have the resources.

Please let me know.


double block also color give us consistent profit
so Don’t worry. Take your time.
because there are tons of trading chance every day
if you really enough margin leran and trade then join candlestick course

here is very important price action technique
if color changeed and previous bar inside close that shows range
but previous outside close then start of trend,

video here