double block step123 

readers messaged

Thank you for your reply.

Even though, I’ve taken your advice,
still there’s always some confusion
in me because from my point of view,
I am only looking for double block which is
Green green, red red then sell. Vise versa.

Because of problems like color continuation
and maybe something else can affect the
outcome of the trades, I would highly suggest
you to make a longer video and step by step
tutorial on what to look for at first before putting
a trade.

For example, like you can say….
1) look on your left to see whether is there any
color continuation.
2) now if there’s none then right now look
for double block pattern.
3) confirm the direction of the pattern before
putting a trades.

This is just an example, I hope it doesn’t burden you to make a longer video because you Le current videos explain things in a very very simplified and short way which sometimes I cannot understand even I re watch it several times.

This will greatly benefit the people who is watching and trying to learn about color trading method.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you.


video here