Detecting the right candlestick signals 

Detescting the right candlestick signals

Detecting the right candlestick signals
The signals provided by candlesticks can at times be very difficult to detect without the use of trading indicators. However, as a trader, you should always understand what various candlesticks mean so as to be able to predict what the future market trend is. To do this, you will have to learn the signals given by various candlesticks.

If a trader is able to detect the right candlestick signal from understanding which the formed candlestick, he or she stands a very high chance of placing a trade that will result to profits.

There are very unique candlesticks that a trader should look out for so as to be able to detect the right candlestick signals. Such candlesticks include the hammer, shooting star, doji (bear doji and bull doji) among many other unique candlesticks.

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