This is Candlestick Window gaps Trading Theory 

This is Candlestick Window gaps Trading Theory


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Dear sir

If possible can you make short video of this explanation. Learning with chart is easy to understand



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Long Hang Seng here

Do you know candlestick window trading?

#1 Body is smaller than the previous candlestick body after price go up. There is window between #2 and previous Candlestick.

#2 Body is bigger than previous candlestick body. After price rise. Open Window between #3 candlestick and previous bar.

#3 Body is smaller than previous candlestick bar The price stopped falling #4 candlestick appear after window.

#4 Body is bigger than the previous candlestick bar. price up. #4 candlestick,window,#5 candlestick appear

#5 Candlestick bar not yet close. when last bar close and that body is bigger than #4 body then Price go more higher.

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Video here

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