Here comes 2016 Super sell 

Here comes 2016 Super sell

people panic and scare selling pressure,stop out buy position

support level break and price go down.

here is super sell trade chance.


spx500usd SELL
uk100gbp SELL
us30usd SELL

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Technical trading: Candlestick analysis
With time, people are investing more in Forex trading.
In the past decade traders used to rely on their gut feelings to make the investment decision.
With time, technical trading has become more popular among traders as they can get more profit by using technical trading.
Candlestick graphs are short term trading tools used for technical trading.

Candlestick graphs are used for only short-term uses as they don’t count trend and support while analyzing.
For this reason, candlesticks can only be used effectively in entry and then they have to be combined with support and trend.
The name of candlestick comes from the shape of the graph.
They almost look like a candle.
It consists of a body and wicks.
The wicks can be in the up or down side.
The upper shadow or wick of the candlestick graph shows the highest price whereas at the top of the real body, you will see the opening price for a red candlestick and for a green candlestick that will be the closing price.

The body of the candlestick can be red or green.
In some places, they are white or black.
The red candle means that the close is lower than the open.
The body is green when the open is below the close.
In red candles the bottom is the closing price and in green candles, the lowest price is the lower shadow.
The common candlesticks patterns are hammer, inverted hammer, the hanging man, the gravestone Doji, the Doji star, dark cloud cover, harami, the morning star, the evening star, the falling star etc.
These are commonly used by buyers to decide when to buy or sell the share.
The patterns can be single candles or they can be formed by multiple candles.
The zonal patterns are said to be more accurate than single candle patterns.

24 Candlestick Entry Timing