CFD 5Y T-Note Candlestick 

CFD 5Y T-Note Candlestick


Its when you buy a longer term bond and then sell the bond as it moves towards its maturity date. The strategy is employed when the yield curve is upward sloping meaning that longer term rates are higher than shorter term rates. Assuming rates stay relatively stable between the time you purchase the bond and the time that you sell it, the bond will increase in value as it moves towards maturity.

Harami strategy on 5Y T-Note
Harami cross is a more powerful version of the harami. It is characterized by having a very small real body almost to the point of being a doji.

The smaller the real body, the better for this formation. The lack of a real body after a strong move in the prior candle tells us with more certainty the previous trend is coming to an end and that a reversal may be at hand. The high or low of a harami cross setup tends to provide key level for any
further price moves.

At the closure of the second candle of the pattern we can try to invest in the opposite direction as to the one of the trend that precedes Harami pattern. So in case of an Harami Bullish pattern we will invest upward while in case of an Harami Bearish we will invest downward. The only thing we can say is that the experience often proved we were right using this strategy, that can be decidedly profitable.

CFD 2Y T-Note Candlestick

CFD 5Y T-Note CandlestickCFD 5Y T-Note Candlestick