I want to learn only Scalping Trading 

I want to learn only Scalping Trading

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I am trading forex but i did not success .I did not take consistently profit.
sir please help me. I want to learn only scalping trading .
sir please teach me step by step your trading strategy.

It is very easy
engulfing candlestick appear
next bar open entry
+5PIPS target
you can take profit


3 Candlestick patterns for market reversal

The most important candlestick patterns are those which can predict a profitable market turn to the traders.
Traders wait for the market to turn into their favors, so they always search for these types of candle patterns for ensuring a good investment.

Morning Doji star is one of these candle patterns who indicates a possible market turnover.
It is a three candles reversal pattern.
It includes a large black candle which represent a selling acceleration, a Doji in the middle and a long white candle in the end which represents the buyers taking control.
This is a strong sign for the reversal of a market trend.

The evening Doji star is the complete opposite image of a morning Doji star.
It starts with a white long candle, then comes a Doji in the upper point of the first candle and the last one is a black candle which can easily go inside the first long candle.
Again in evening Doji star, the long white candle shows the acceleration of buying, the Doji indicates indecision and the last candle shows the sellers taking control of the market.

The Island reversal is not very common to many traders, but they are very powerful turn point indicator of the market.
An island is created when there is huge gap between an uptrend and downtrend that the beginning of the trend point almost look like an island.
This indicates the complete reversal of a market trend.
By identifying the island reversal, traders can make the right choice of buying or selling in any point.

Reversal patterns are very important for the traders as they indicate the possible trend change of the market and help the buyers to act accordingly.
The buyers can buy or sell according to the reversal of the trend using the predictions of these patterns.


Isn’t it a little bit risky?

I want to learn only Scalping TradingI want to learn only Scalping Trading