If you understand true Candlestick recommend handwriting 

If you understand true Candlestick recommend handwriting


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Candlestick start from Japan to analysis rice futures market Once candlestick was all Handwriting. But now almost people are using automated charts. so they don’t know candlestick essential. If you understand true candlestick recommend handwriting.

Important things about support and resistance

In price action method, support and resistance is very important for the traders.
Before starting as a price action trader, people should learn more about the support and resistance of the market.
Support and resistance areas are levels that price has historically respected.
A support level is a level where price bounced back up after a drop into it and a resistance
level is an area that price failed to break from below and bounced back down after reaching it.
There are lots of unanswered questions about support and resistance in the market.
Is a support level with multiple touches really becoming stronger or is it weakening?
What’s the optimal number of ‘touches’ of a support/resistance level?
Are earlier touches more reliable than later ones?
Does a violation of a level destroy the support/resistance area or do you keep the level on your charts?
If news releases cause a violation of a support/resistance level, how significant is it?
Do you use candle bodies or wicks to draw support and resistance areas?
When does a support and resistance level become invalid?
Do you trade directly off the level or are you looking for other signals as well?
Support and resistance is not just about drawing some lines on your charts and waiting for the price to do something around there.
For beginners these are the question they have to face all the time while trading.
There are lots of sayings about price action trading in the market.
Though many people agree that it is one of the easiest ways of trading, many people don’t know that before starting trading in this method,
lots of knowledge is required about it.
Expert traders observe the market closely to perfect their skill of trading in price action method.
So, beginners should learn all the important things about this method and gain more knowledge before actually starting trading.


Because no trade means to know entry timing exactly