watch chart if price closed 

watch chart if price closed


this problem happens if watch last bar and previous bar location

here is important things
closed higher than previous bar or temporary higher close price

vice versa

closed lower than previous bar low or temporary lower close price

we candlestick trade watch closed price location to previous bar
not temporary close price
this means last bar price action is not important
because last bar always temporary price action
if place order to previous high and low both side
then both order filled and both position stop out
by temporary price action
to avoid this fail we candlestick trader watch
last bar closed higher than previous bar
last bar closed lower than previous bar
confirm closed price location
this means candlestick trader watch chart
close price time
daily chart close price once a daily
1hour chart close price every 1hour

so watch chart when price close
this means new candlestick appear timing