In order to get 1 to 3 trades each day? 

In order to get 1 to 3 trades each day?


Long hang seng here

reader’s message

Thank you Long

So, which strategies would you suggest to me, in order to get 1 to 3 trades each day ?

Hegeset ? Othello pattern ?

I recommend both


Are Candlestick Charts Effective As A Binary Options Trading Tool?

Candlestick charts are commonly used in technical analysis.
Traders are using it for getting a more accurate prediction for their investment options.
Candlestick patterns give quite accurate predictions than others.
That’s why they are becoming more reliable options for technical trading.
The guiding principle for using them is that asset prices can be predicted with reasonable accuracy based on past market activity.
For example, if a particular pattern emerges that signals a bullish sentiment in the market, many traders respond to it by purchasing the asset in question.
Conversely, if a candlestick chart pattern indicates growing bearish sentiment, many traders will respond by selling the asset in question.
This type of analysis is driven largely by market psychology.
That is, an asset’s price rises as more people buy it.
This in turn signals to others that they too should buy it, driving the asset’s price even higher.
The opposite occurs when an asset’s price is falling.
More people sell it, causing the price to decline further.
The question arises to the people’s minds is if candlestick charts effective as binary options tool or not.
The answer is yes it is.
As a tool for predictive modeling for trading binary options, candlestick charts are very reliable.
But, leveraging them requires being able to identify certain patterns.
The best way to know more about the patterns is by knowing the common simple patterns.
By knowing the basic patterns, one can actually learn to interpret other complex patterns easily.
It is better to trade technically than just going with the flow.
Knowing certain changes of the trend can actually help the traders to get some idea on how to make the deal.
Otherwise, people might face a lot of troubles while trading and making the right move.

In order to get 1 to 3 trades each day?

In order to get 1 to 3 trades each day?In order to get 1 to 3 trades each day?