long time frame maximize profit 

long time frame maximize profit

student message
Hi Long,

Today was another losing day. The issue I see is that I am trading too many pairs, and although I am making small positive trades, when I have a full 2% loss, that really hurts.
I have decided to trade just 1 pair for the rest of the week, cut my risk to 1% per trade, and continue to trade just one method- the color method. Hopefully my results will improve. I am looking forward to taking your advanced course soon.

Your student,

yes that’s true
trading need focus
short time frame tons of trade chance but often emotional trade and loose
any trader into this trap
so I using set and forget dairy basis chart
I recommen 1 hour or more bigger time fram 4hour dairy
what is long time frame good point
we can maximize profit
using trailing stop or replace stop loss

video here