Picture of Double Block Pattern Candlestick 

Picture of Double Block Pattern Candlestick


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Thanks for your nice replay, Sir please give me a picture of this pattern for more clear of it.



Here it is

Picture of Double Block Pattern Candlestick

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Stalemate and Checkmate in Price Action Trading
Price action trading is one of the most popular trading methods among the traders.
In spite of using various types of indicators, price action traders use price movements to make their trading decisions.
They mostly use the market repeating process to make the right call for any trade.
A vital rule with trading price action is to know when there is stalemate – in other words, no trend.
Trend traders spend a lot of time inactive in the majority of markets waiting to see a trend.
With any form of trading traders should never try to force a trade.
Traders have to keep actively looking but that does not mean they are always actively trading.
Standing aside is a position – it may not make them money but it is protecting their capital.
Traders should not confuse lack of trading opportunities with lack of action.
They should keep up with your analysis and the opportunities will come to them.
If traders you do not observe the stalemate rule they will find themselves in checkmate.
If they try to force trades and ignore their rules and systems they will find themselves on a losing streak that is hard to break.
One of the biggest difficulties successful people find with trading is that they have no control over the market.
It never does what you ask it to do and it never listens to even the most reasonable of demands.
As traders all they can do is look for the very best opportunity, risk a small amount of capital, get risk free as soon as possible and repeat
as often as it is safe to do so.
If traders can understand price action and apply a few sensible rules then our winners will generate enough profit to cover our losers and
provide us with a healthy income.


Double Block advanced strategy