Please give me a Video in this engulfing Candlestick scalping strategy 

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Please give me a Video in this engulfing Candlestick scalping strategy


reader’s message
I recommend daily time frame
you can use this strategy all currencies
Thanks for your replay, sir which time frame i will use and which currency fit for this strategy.
sir would you mind please give me a video in this engulfing candlestick scalping strategy.

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Please give me a Video in this engulfing Candlestick scalping strategyPlease give me a Video in this engulfing Candlestick scalping strategy

Best candlestick patterns to profit for beginners

Candlestick patterns are one of the best ways for technical trading.
For beginners in Forex trading who want to get profit from their investment, it is very important to know the best candlestick patterns
These patterns can help them to get the profit they want.
The beginners need to know that there are lot of misconceptions and error in information about candlestick patterns.
Only following any pattern blindly can never be a wise decision.
Beginners need to observe the market and find their own weapon for the war.
They need to know the ways to differentiate between bullish patterns and bearish patterns.
The bullish signs are the signs when they need to mark their entry.
The bearish signs will help the beginners to mark their exit from the market.
The perfect enter and exit points can help the traders to get their desired profit without risking their investments.
The reversal patterns can help the traders to find out a possible trend change in the market.
There are certain bullish patterns that predicts the possible selling time for any trade.
Hammer, Bullish Harami, Bullish Engulfing, Bullish kicker etc are the best patterns to mark the entry in the market.
Bearish Kicker, Bearish Harami, Inverted Hammer, Hanging man, Bearish engulfing are the best patterns to mark the exit for a new trader.
But reversal patterns can indicate a reverse in the trend or just set a parallel trend.
So, while judging a reversal pattern the traders need to be very careful and confirm the pattern.
It is always important to look at the trend before any pattern is identified and then identify the pattern.
Another important thing is to confirm the pattern and then make a move.
There are lots of signals to confirm a sign.
The trend, previous candle and the next candle can be some good ways to identify and confirm a pattern.

Harami or Engulfing Pattern appear then ent