This is Candlestick Price Action Essential 

This is Candlestick Price Action Essential


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I follow yours candlestick method. would you mind please give me explane this.

Your video on youtube –

In this video dont have any entry and exit only see 2 pattern. ( one is last bar of previous bar insite and other one last bar of previous bar outsite.)

Please give us including your video with Entry , stop loss and take profit. point.

I will be waiting your best response.


Keep in mind this is not entry pattern.

This is candlestick price action essential.
You can see this essential in any market.
Any kind of pairs, stocks, futures.
And also any time frame.

This is Japanese Candlestick price action basic.

Absolutely candlestick trader must recognize to implement best trade.

Candlestick Shadow (hege) means Price Cancellation