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    Why no enter at the beginning of the week ? 

    Why no enter at the beginning of the week ?


    Reader’s message

    Candlestick Trading 30 minute Strategy Video

    Hello Long,

    I like this video.

    So, if I understand, if we have 3 bullish weekly bars, we go short.

    If we have 3 bearish weekly bars, we go long, until the closure of the week.

    Is this still profitable ?

    But I don’t understand on the 30 minute chart the entry.

    Why no enter at the beginning of the week ?

    Thank you !


    Yes, Profitable.

    Because 30 minute price action is part of daily chart.

    Price action size range narrow.
    30 minute price action, daily price action, weekly price action, each time frame same price action appear.

    But short time frame is few profit and waste time.

    So No entry.

    Which Currency are best performance in this Strategy

    Why no enter at the beginning of the week ?Why no enter at the beginning of the week ?


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      What is price action Candlestick Trading Source Code? 

      What is price action Candlestick Trading Source Code?

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      You say ( if any one trade usd jpy then must be follow or look at binary source price )

      Sir please explain it.



      Yes we need source code.

      What is source code?

      Source Code is 4 prices

      Video here.


      Analytical process of price Action Trading

      Price action trading is based on the price movement of the market.

      Other than using the indicators that works on the basis of price movement, price action traders use actual price variations for the trading

      A price action trader’s analysis may start with classical technical analysis patterns, which are broken down further.

      These are supplemented with extra bar-by-bar analysis, sometimes including volume.

      This observed price action gives the trader clues about the current and likely future behavior of other market participants.

      The trader can explain why a particular pattern is predictive, in terms of buyers, sellers, the crowd mentality of other traders, change in volume and other factors.

      A good knowledge of the market’s make-up is required to do that.

      The resulting picture that a trader builds up will not only seek to predict market direction, but also speed of movement, duration and intensity.

      All of these are based on the trader’s assessment and prediction of the actions and reactions of other market participants.

      Price action patterns occur with every bar and the trader watches for multiple patterns to coincide
      They can occur in a particular order, creating a setup which results in a signal to buy or sell.

      Individual traders can have widely varying preferences for the type of setup that they concentrate on in their trading.

      One published price action trader is capable of giving a name and a rational explanation for the observed market movement for every single bar on a bar chart.

      The regular publishing charts with descriptions and explanations covering 50 or 100 bars. A price action trader can freely admit that his explanations may be wrong.

      However, the explanations serve a purpose, allowing the trader to build a mental scenario around the current ‘price action’ as it unfolds.

      For experienced traders, this is often attributed as the reason for their profitable trading.


      When do you think its the best time for me to Trade

      What is price action Candlestick Trading Source Code?What is price action Candlestick Trading Source Code?


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