signal bars Reversal bars 

signal bars Reversal bars


two bar reversal price action set up is prepared for trend reversal
This price action trade set up comprises of two bars.
large candlestick ability and it smaller upper shadow
and the small lower shadow

When a bearish bar followed by a bullish bar appears at the bottom,
candlestick reversal indicate of a bullish price action
and bullish bar followed by a bearish bar located at the top,
it is bearish reverser coming soon.

Timing trades to enter at market reversal
there are trading edge
two bar reversal occurs
You can exit a trade or open new trade
entry of bull trade on the bullish reversal bars and
exit trade on the bearish bars

these two bar candlesticks indicates start or end
psychology of this setup takes advantage of newbies,
when they see fresh highs being set for the trading session.
These new buyers will immediately see the price reverse on them
and consider the breakout to be a false signal.
Price continues lower these traders will become fearful and sell
out for a loss,
candlestick trader observe their passion action and
using the rules outlined above,
So you can entry trend start or end

i want know how you trade now if its possible for more understand this strategy