If you use target your profit few 


If you use target your profit few


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Ok Long…Thank You very much.
I am new trader…if you have any more good information I would greatly appreciate it.
Again Thank You so much.
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Thank you for your message.

If you use target your profit few.
but if you use stop-loss you can take huge profit.
using take profit is limited profit and limited price action.
but stop-loss feature both of take profit and stop-loss.
please keep in mind
stop-loss is not only for stop-loss

Advantages of Price Action Trading

Price action trading is a common practice for the traders in the market.
There are lots of tools and methods of trading in the market.
Though there is no 100% accuracy in any of these methods or tools, price action trading has higher accuracy rate than others.
Price action traders use the price movement of the market for trading.
Rather than relying on the indicators, price action traders use only the price movements of the market as their indicators.
There are lots of advantages of using price action trading for the traders.
The first advantage is that it is free.
A price action trader does not need to have extra software for their trading works. Candles, bars, dots or any other chart price symbol
will provide ample information for price action traders.
Price action trading can be used on any market at any time under any circumstances, for example- E-Mini S&P, Forex, stocks, other commodities,
futures and currencies.
It can also be used with any trading software.
So, traders don’t need to install any other extra software for their works.
Price action trading is a fast method.
Price action trading is versatile – Price action trading methods can be combined for a coherent trading system that is free of conflicting data.
However, a trader must take time to learn, and understand how to trade it.
Education is needed to master the methods and practice is the key.
Only with proper knowledge in price action trading, traders can pinpoint a safe entry and exit in the market.
Safe entry point and exit point is very needed for any successful trading.
Price action trading has higher accuracy than other methods only because they have more exact repeated price actions that traders can use.
So, price action trading has more advantages than other methods.


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