Take Profit with close price take Profit 

Take Profit with close price take Profit

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Thank you for watching candlestick trading video
Hello Long,
I did go “sell short” on the “hegeset” (daily GBP/USD).

Would you close the trade with profit, or wait for trailing stop ?

If at the end of the day the trade would be only 15 or 20 pips profitable, would you set the stop to break even, or wait a little bit more ?

Thank you !

Best regards

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Importance of entry and exit with the right candlestick
The use of candlestick in trading has been one of the best things happened for the traders.
Candlesticks show the trend of the investment done by the traders.
Perfect predictions can be done through candlesticks about the market direction.
This has made market easier for the traders to invest.
None wants to lose their investment and bear a loss.
With the help of technical trading tools, traders have ensured safe trading time.
The perfect entry in the market can give a trader a kick start in the trading.
If the entry is wrong, facing a loss is not far away.
Again, the perfect time to leave the market and sell the stock is very important.
The perfect exit time ensures that the trader doesn’t have to face any loss and lose the investment.
The experts who are trading through candlesticks for years can easily find the right time to enter the market.
For beginners, this trick is not an easy one.
The bullish patterns are the best indicators of the entry of any trader.
The downward direction of bullish pattern indicates possible trend change.
Bearish patterns are the best time for the sellers.
The candlestick patterns show the investors’ flow and the direction through the chart.
To confirm the perfect entry and exit, the preferable patterns should be reconfirmed.
Because, any wrong move in the market can cause lots of loss.
Another important thing is to follow only day’s candle charts.
Short interval candles cannot be relied to make an investment.
They can change pretty soon and there is no sure prediction of those candles.
The best way to trade technically is by start studying candlestick patterns and their results in various conditions.
It can help the traders to judge the candle patterns and find their own weapon to win the war.


Close under entry bar then move stop-loss

Take Profit with close price take ProfitTake Profit with close price take Profit