Tease breaks candlestick trading 

Teasse breaks candlestick trading

If the market prices are said to ‘tease’, they behave in a manner suggesting a certain trend

but the trend doesn’t happen in the near future. This keeps the traders anxious

and waiting to place orders for a very long time. A wise trader should never place a trade in such a time.

They should wait for the perceived market

movement to take place before opening any trade.
The most common market price tease are the tease breaks,

where the candlesticks tend to kind of break through the support or resistance

levels but eventually they don’t break thorough. For example,

a bull candlestick may be forming just close to a resistance level and it keeps breaking

above and retreating below the resistance level and eventually closes below the resistance level.
A trader should be very alert to detect any kind of a tease break and avoid placing a trade in such a time.


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