are you saying that it finishes at 12 o clock at night 


are you saying that it finishes at 12 o clock at night


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Hi Long thanks for your reply. ive checked my brokers time it says 24 hours so are you saying
that it finishes at 12 o clock at night and then it starts at 1 minute past midnight to start another day
kind regards



there are different server time each broker

for example
the existing broker OANDA metatrader4 server is GMT-5

4 Powerful Price Action Trading Methods

Price-action is one of the most powerful trading methods that can generate buy/sell signals on many stocks, commodities, and Forex pairs.
In this article, we will describe several high-accuracy trading methods that produce profits in the long-term.
One of the most accurate trading methods is the pullback to support/resistance level.
In this method, traders wait for the price to break a support or resistance level and then re-test this level after the breakout.
This is one of the strongest trading signals as traders are able to join the trend at its early beginning, with small stop loss and great reward.
Pullback support
This kind of trade is profitable in both trending and ranging periods, so a trader can trade it safely even if he doesn’t separate
the two market conditions.
This is another pattern that is useful for stock market analysis and produces accurate bearish signals.
The Double Top occurs when prices hit the same Resistance level twice and then retraces downwards.
Double top
Traders enter the trade after the price breaks the trend line and pulls back to the neckline from below.
This is an accurate trading signal with low risk and high reward.
One can also trade the Double Top by entering at the breakout itself; however, this is a less accurate variation that can lead to
more losses in the long-term.
Point to be noted when trading stocks it usually has a 70-76% success rate.
Moving Average Bounce
The Moving average bounce is a very good trend-following signal that occurs when the price hits the moving average in the middle of a trade,
and bounces to continue the existing trends.
For maximum accuracy make sure that the moving average is not flat but trending in a certain direction and that it has been trending for
at least 8-10 bars before you trade these signals.
The idea behind this trading method is also the main idea of the CCI Zero-Line-Reject trade, as the zero-line reject occurs when the price
bounces on a moving average.
Fibonacci Retracements
These are useful for predicting market continuation.
They use a relationship between numbers that was discovered a few centuries ago to predict the most likely places price is likely to retrace,
and then continue its trend.

Can you show me how you trad with strangest strategy now