Is a very easy Strategy 

Is a very easy Strategy

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Thank you, is a very easy strategy, but we use “sell stop” in low bar or sell ?


when price reached then sell

you can use market order and sell stop order

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Complex candlestick patterns

Candlestick graphs are short term trading tools which are being used for technical trading nowadays.
More people are now using technical analysis to make their investment decisions than before.
Though candlestick patterns only can state about the market of a very short period, they are actually helping the traders in many ways.
Using candlestick predictions, many people are investing and making profit from their investment in the market.
Complex candlestick patterns are making more accurate signs to the traders than simple patterns.

Complex candlestick patterns are formed with two or more candles.
These patterns can actually state a lot more than simple patterns.
Most of these patterns indicate trend changes in the market.
The most common complex patterns are harami, evening star, doji star, three black crows, morning doji star, dark cloud cover.
Harami has many variations like bearish harami, bearish harami cross, bullish harami cross, bullish harami etc.
A harami is formed when a day’s candle can be fit inside the previous day’s candles.
The variety of these two candles creates variation in Harami patterns.
Likewise Doji patterns can make various complex patterns when it is found inside a pattern.
Doji patterns individually indicate the instability of the market and confusion of traders.
But inside a pattern it can indicate many other things along with a significant trend change.

Complex patterns state the condition of a certain time and they are zonal patterns.
That’s why they can indicate the position of the market more accurately.
Many new patterns are also being invented by experts from the main complex patterns which are being used for more accurate predictions.
The patterns help the traders to judge the situation of the market and the traders and help them to make a right call for their investments.
So, technical trading is becoming an easier for the traders with time.

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Is a very easy StrategyIs a very easy Strategy