Trading complete profit done 

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Trading complete profit done

when you trade
you should use stop-loss primary.
because target is limited profit.
but stop-loss have infinity profit potential.

Important things to know about price action trading

Price action trading is a technical trading process and it deals with reading price history.
Most traders think they know everything there is to know about support and resistance already.
But the truth is that reading price history isn’t as easy as most people think.
There’s a lot more that goes into understanding a chart than just drawing some basic support and resistance lines.
A price action trader goes that extra step further to look for the explanation about not just what is happening now, but why it happens.
That’s why they can make good decisions in the future.
This also enables the trader to read price history and make better analytical decisions in the present and future trades.
No two people will analyze every bit of price action the same way and that is why a lot of traders find the concept of price action so elusive.
Quite literally, price action is everything that a security’s price does, and just like every other facet of analysis, it is purely subjective.
If traders had to pick just one word to describe price action trading it would be “simplistic.”
This type of trading is probably the most simplistic trading method available, yet it is consistently considered the most steady and accurate.
Price action traders are not likely to become millionaires overnight with price action trading.
But when it is used correctly, it can help them to become better traders.
The simplistic strategies and concepts can be understood by nearly anyone, which makes it an extremely attractive way to trade.
It doesn’t have the reputation among new traders for being as “glamorous” as using indicators.
But this actual trading has a reputation among advanced and professional traders as being the
strategy to use no matter which direction the market is moving.
So, price action trading needs deep knowledge and lots of practice to be an expert.

Continuous Gap Trading