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Credibility of Price Action Trading

Price action trading is a very common term for the trading market.

Price action trading is a form of technical analysis that focuses solely on past prices that have traded in the market.

There is no evidence that these explanations are correct even if the price action trader who makes such statements is profitable and appears to be correct.

Since the disappearance of most pit-based financial exchanges, the financial markets have become anonymous.

This means the buyers do not meet sellers.

Thus the feasibility of verifying any proposed explanation for the other market participants’ actions during the occurrence of a particular price action pattern is tiny.

Also, price action analysis can be subject to survivor ship bias for failed traders who do not gain visibility.

For these reasons, the explanations should only be viewed as subjective rationalizations and may quite possibly be wrong.

But at any point in time they offer the only available logical analysis with which the price action trader can work.

The implementation of price action analysis is difficult and requires the gaining of experience under live market conditions.

There is every reason to assume that the percentage of price action speculators who fail, give up or lose their trading capital will be similar to the percentage failure rate across all.

Some experts dismiss the financial success of individuals using technical analysis such as price action.

They state that the occurrence of individuals who appear to be able to profit in the markets can be attributed solely to the Survivorship bias.

So, the reality of using this method and actually being successful is still not sure.

But many traders are using price action method rather than just using various indicators.

As most of the indicators are actually using the movement of the prices in the market as the actual indication process, using price action movement is not different than them.

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