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    picture with entry point of USDJPY currency 


    picture with entry point of currency

    reader’s message


    Thanks for giving me to this picture , would you mind please tell me
    where i am put my best entry point. please show me to another picture
    with entry point of USDJPY currency.



    here it is

    picture with entry point of USDJPY currency


    red arrow shows double block.

    left side red arrow =black black white white

    right side red arrow =white white black black

    Two important bars for price action trading An outside bar is larger than the prior bar and totally overlaps it

    There are many important bars used in price action trading.
    Here are 2 important bars for the traders.
    Inside bar
    An inside bar is a bar which is smaller and within the high to low range of the prior bar.
    That means the high is lower than the previous bar’s high, and the low is higher than the previous bar’s low.
    Its relative position can be at the top, the middle or the bottom of the prior bar.
    There is no universal definition imposing a rule that the highs of the inside bar and the prior bar cannot be the same, equally for the lows.
    If both the highs and the lows are the same, it is harder to define it as an inside bar, yet reasons exist why it might be interpreted so.
    This imprecision is typical when trying to describe the ever-fluctuating character of market prices.
    Outside bar
    An outside bar is larger than the prior bar and totally overlaps it.
    Its high is higher than the previous high, and its low is lower than the previous low.
    The same imprecision in its definition as for inside bars (above) is often seen in interpretations of this type of bar.
    An outside bar’s interpretation is based on the concept that market participants were undecided or inactive on the prior bar.
    But subsequently during the course of the outside bar demonstrated new commitment, it drives the price up or down as seen.
    Again the explanation may seem simple but in combination with other price action, it builds up into a story that gives experienced traders an ‘edge’.
    The context in which they appear is all-important in their interpretation.
    If the outside bar’s close is close to the centre, this makes it similar to a trading range bar, because neither the bulls nor the bears despite their aggression were able to dominate.
    The outside bar after the maximum price is a failure to restart the trend and a signal for a sizable retrace.
    Primarily price action traders will avoid or ignore outside bars, especially in the middle of trading ranges in which position
    they are considered meaningless.

    Picture of Double Block Pattern Candlestick

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      create double block pattern on daily TF 


      create double block pattern on daily TF


      reader’s message

      Please give me your opinion in USDJPY currency .Sir see my attach
      file, is this a create double block pattern on daily TF, ( can i go
      for sell trade ). I will be waiting for your best response.


      very nice.
      also sell force candlestick appear
      so you can sell
      Price action trading and its components

      Price action trading is the basic trading method of the market.
      In this method, traders use their intuition and price movement patterns to make a decision in the trading.
      Price action trading has various components and traders need to have clear concepts on these components.
      Trends are the most important factors of this trading method.
      When a market has been trending significantly, a trader can usually draw a trend line on the opposite side of the market where the retraces reach.
      Any retrace back across the existing trend line is a ‘trend line break’ and is a sign of weakness.
      This is a clue that the market might soon reverse its trend or at least halt the trend’s progress for a period.
      A trend channel line overshoot refers to the price shooting clear out of the observable trend channel further in the direction of the trend.
      An overshoot does not have to be a reversal bar, since it can occur during a with-trend bar.
      A strong trend characterized by multiple with-trend bars.
      It has almost continuous higher highs or lower lows over a double-digit number of bars are often ended abruptly by a climactic exhaustion bar.
      It is likely that a two-legged retrace occurs after this, extending for the same length of time or more as the final leg of the climactic rally or sell-off.
      When the market reaches an extreme price in the trader’s view, it often pulls back from the price only to return to that price level again.
      In the situation where that price level holds and the market retreats again, the two reversals at that level are known as a double top bear flag or
      a double bottom bull flag retrace will continue.
      There are lots of things traders need to know to be an expert price action traders and observing the market is the best way to do it.


      Strategy for USDJPY Currency. Which I will use M15 , M30 & H1 time frame

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