very simple strategies with no indicators 

very simple strategies with no indicators


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Hello Long,

How are you ?

I’m looking to use a scalping strategy.
It should be on the DAX (1 point spread), M5 or M1 timeframe.

I know some rare traders who can make something like 10 to 30 trades in 2 hours, with 95% winning trades, 5% loosing grades, and average loosing trades not greater than winning ones (so a very high profit factor like 19).

Usually, they use very simple strategies with no indicators, or very few, such as pivot points, etc.

Could you teach me a strategy like this, that I could use ?
Usually I have 2 or 3 hours a day to make some scalping.

Thank you very much,
have a nice day,


if price down and close with long white candlestick

then buy
after price go up
here is same
and here is also same

video here

I would like to hear your veiws on this