You can take profit with NZDCHF sell Trade 

You can take profit with NZDCHF sell Trade


This is Kiwi Newzealand CHF Pair

Last bar  is strong sell Candlestick

so sell market order
price go down
You can take profit

Video here

Including pivot points with your Candlestick analysis

Both Candlestick Patterns and Pivots, in and of themselves, have been used successfully by investors for a very long time.

When used in conjunction, they complement each other and offer the astute trader far improved results.
Developing a trading plan based upon candlesticks alone is a difficult process and offers the possibility of unsuccessful investments.

As such, the more successful traders use candlestick pattern formations in conjunction with other techniques, such as pivot points, in order to make trading decisions.

When certain candlestick formations have occurred and their indication can be confirmed by a subsequent pivot point analysis, the probability of a successful trade greatly increases.

How an individual decides to use these two techniques in a strategy plan you develop will be greatly dependent upon the type of trading you envision undertaking.

Especially considering in the context of short-term versus long-term positions they are important.
Success in any endeavor is highly contingent upon the proper preparation of the participant.

Through careful research and study of historical data, you can clearly ascertain that candlestick patterns and pivot point analysis can successfully produce profitable trading opportunities.

When it comes to Candlestick Patterns and Pivots look to patterns like a morning star doji passing thru a daily or weekly pivot for a very high odds low risk trade.

Looking for overextended bullish price action and a nice doji at pivot resistance is so far a nice entry short.

A potential large move down your ability to combine the right Candlestick Patterns and Pivots together at the right time on the chart is very powerful.

Looking to build a good trading strategy start with Candlestick Patterns and Pivots and you will not be wasting your time.

This combination can be a total game changer. So, this is worth a try.

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