You can take profit with these powerful and simple strategy

You can take profit with these powerful and simple strategy

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Hi Long,
Thank you very much for the numerous videos and more importantly for the opportunity you gave me to copy your trade and make some money to pay for the ADVANCED CANDLESTICK TRADING COURSE. Unfortunately, I have not made the money to pay for the course. You need to show me more trades to copy to make the money. l must confess, I loss all my money in Binary options trading and that is why I have decided to come back to forex that I was trading before.

Your style is quite unique and I love the simplicity of your methods: NO NEED OF TREND, NO NEED OF SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE, NO NEED OF INDICATORS. I was thought to use all these and that created a lot of confusion and made me to lose money. I have made up my mind to holistically learn your system and put it into use as soon as possible.

Your videos are high quality in terms of producing results, but I find it difficult to understand them. I need further explanation on the 4 strategies you taught me in the 4 questions I answered.



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Some powerful candlestick patterns

There are lot6s of candlesticks patterns available for the traders.
But some of these patterns are highle accurate in results and they are referred as major patterns by the experts.
The high accuracy rate of these patterns has made them more popular to the traders in the market.

The hammer is one of the major patterns which signals “Buy” to the traders.
But the more up trending pattern is a three line strike reversal pattern which includes three black candles within a downtrend.
According to many experts,
this pattern can predict higher prices more accurately than the others.
While three line strikes predict the higher prices,
the evening star predicts successfully the lower prices which have make it popular to the traders for a safe trading option.
The Doji patterns are said to be state the exhaustion and the instability of the market.
All the Doji patterns are used with the previous days’ patterns to successfully interpret the condition of the market and the next move of the buyers or sellers.

Along with other pattern analysis,
Japanese interpretations are also becoming popular to the traders as these interpretations also have high accuracy rate.
The spinning tops,
the morning star,
the evening star,
the shooting star,
Harami are the most common Japanese patterns used by the traders.
The bullish and bearish patterns are opposite to each other and if they are combined,
they state an instable signal for the traders and the market.

In this competitive market,
candlestick patterns are gaining vast popularity for their helps to get the best decision for the traders.
Many people are now interested in doing researches about these patterns.
As a result more accurate patterns with accurate predictions are being introduced to the traders.
The best way for the traders is to having a proper knowledge about the patterns before using them for making the decision about trading.
Only then,
successful trading can be ensured.

How do you see the take profit

You can take profit with these powerful and simple strategyYou can take profit with these powerful and simple strategy