Time to tradecandlestick trading

Time to trade candlestick trading

There is nothing as easy as candlestick trading.
Candlestick charts are easy to interpret; making it
easy even for the forex beginners to trade using
them. In the candlestick chart, the trader is at
liberty to customize the chart whenever he or she
feels the need to do so. The trader can change the
size of the candlesticks, the color of the bear and
bull candlesticks, the color of the background of
the candlestick chart as well as adding indicators
on the chart depending on the forex broker that the
trader has opened an account with. Also, the trader
can choose to use any timeframe of his or her

If a trader chooses to use candlestick trading, he
or she is not limited to trade in a specific time.
The candlesticks formation is dynamic and forms
according to how the market prices are changing with
time. The trader can comfortably use candlestick
trading at any time of the day.


Detecting the right candlestick signals