Traditional candlestick pattern tasuki

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here is youtube comment

here is youtube comment


Nice Mr.Long. I bought all your Kindle books. In one of your videos you said, you will be releasing a book about traditional candlestick reading for beginners. When can we expect????

Thanks in advance.

Of course Mr.Long. Interpretation differs one person to one person. I agree…. But I would like to know how to interpret properly and this is how we have to interpret the candlestick like that.
From your Videos and Books I learnt and using color trading, double block, othello successfully…

But still I am missing the core.

If u have time you can make a video about traditional way of reading candlesticks. so that we people will get the knowledge how to read the candles properly.

Thanks for your reply…


If there are many requests for traditional candlestick reading
I will write book.
but its difficult to understand for beginners.
because its based on candlestick figure.
even the same expression can be taken, or more to the point,
be interpreted, differently depending on the person especially traditional way.
there are tons of pattern.
but engulfing is the most important pattern.
in other words we have to filtering the pattern.

here is traditional candlestick “Tasuki” pattern