What are the best hours to Trade Forex

here is reader’s quetion
Hello sir
How are you?
I am facing too much problem with overtrading

one day if i get profit , i trade again and again after some time the profit
will loose and then loss starts

one day if I lose, I trade again and again , that day too much loss.

please make one video to make good trades and when to stop trading , how many trades a day is better.
some time i think i took that course of you made millions of dollars in intraday , i think to trade the same like you so many trades then i fail ….


>when to stop trading?

if volume decrease then stop trade
because trend ends.

>how many trades a day is better?

during high volatility or high volume time zone
you can trade unlimited.
but average high volatility time 2 to 3 hours or so.
set a time limit.

watch video detail here.