What the west call an inside bar

Have you any information on what the west call an inside bar

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Hi Long have you any information

on what the west call an inside bar

inside bar is smaller and
the high is lower than the

previous bar’s high
and the low is higher than

the previous bar’s low
price is within the high

to low range of the previous bar

arrow shows inside bar


Inside bar indicates that the

movement of the price is small.
Price movements always be

bigger after small movement.
In other words, the inside bar

shows next trend movement.


Why Candlestick Chart is preferred in the market
Trading is one of the most common phenomena in the world.
Billion of people every day are investing in the trading market to gain some profit.
Some have become a billionaire and then some have lost everything.
However, to invest in trading, you must understand that the forecast of the business.
However, to understand the forecast of trading, you should be well aware of the past of the trading as well.
Candlestick charts are something that can help you to understand the business very fast and in deep.
The Candlestick charts give the emotional guidance as well for the trading and that is one of the most important parts of the investment.
Candlestick charts are often preferred in the market for some specific reasons over the most common used method bar charts.
Here are the reasons why the candlestick charts are preferred.


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What the west call an inside barWhat the west call an inside bar