When Candlestick close then watch chart

When Candlestick close then watch chart



Long Hang Seng here


Hello Long,

I hope you are fine.

May I ask you a question ?

I tried to trade with harami on Daily and H4, but these 3 days were awful, because of ranging pairs : AUD/USD, NZD/USD, etc.

I would like to trade only ONE or two patterns without indicators. Such as harami or hegeset.
I used to do a buy stop and sell stop at top and bottom of harami and hegeset, with a take profit = 2x stop loss.

At beginning it was working well, but in range periods it is quite catastrophic.

My question is : what pattern do you use?

Only “strongest strategy”, or several strategies?

Only on Daily or H4 ?

What is your winning ratio and how much trades do you have each month on Daily?

I thank you very much for your advice’s.

Happy trading
I’m still looking for new articles on your website.

Best Regards,

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When Candlestick close then watch chart