When do you go to Breakeven?

When do you go to Breakeven?

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Hello Long,

As I’m still searching how to trade on Daily time frame with ONLY 1 STRATEGY, with high profit factor (> 2 or 3), with > 70% wins, I think bulling ENGULFING or bearish engulfing can be the best pattern.

Actually, I lost money while trying to trade pin bars (entry at the opposite side of the tail, or trying to enter at 50% of its length) ; bad chance !
And with harami, I was sent to stop loss easily with a big engulfing candle next.

So if I trade only Engulfing candles :

  • Do you consider only the body, or also the tails, to define an engulfing pattern ?
  • Do you trade ONLY in direction of the trend ?
  • Do you set a ratio take profit / stop loss of 2/1, or do you prefer trailing stop with low / high of new candle ?
  • Do you enter at buy stop on high on candle, or straight at the opening ?
  • When do you go to Breakeven ?

Thanks for all
Best regards,


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Please show me a classical case of an Engulfing Candlestick pattern on a chart

When do you go to Breakeven?When do you go to Breakeven?