Why Losing

Why Losing

reader’s message
Hi Sir Long,
I’m using strongest strategy with buy and sell stop and I’m losing.
Can you explain me why please ?
I sending you 2 pictures


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Candlestick Patterns in Price Action Trading
Price action trading means trade without using indicators in the market.
Though no indicators are used, either candlestick or bar chart is used to observe the price movement.
Candlestick charts has been used as a trading tool from the beginning of the technical trading era.
Candlestick charts are short period tools for price action traders.
Candlestick charts show the market’s trading movements through candlesticks.
By using candlesticks traders can know about the traders’ sentiment in the market.
The movement of price in the market changes due to the traders’ flow in the market.
Traders use the candlesticks to know the trend of the market.
Candlestick patterns can predict the next movement of price in the market.
This quality of the candlestick charts have made it popular among the traders.
The candlestick charts have higher accuracy rate in predicting the market movements.
The patterns can predict the possible change in the price movements and the trends.
The traders use the patterns to decide the safe entry and exit in the market.
It is very important as without the patterns, the traders might enter the market in the wrong time and might face a loss.
If a trader buys in the market when the sellers are gaining power, he might have to face a loss.
Likewise if a trader sells the stock when buyers are overpowering the sellers, which is also bad for business.
So, the traders need the exact time when buyers and sellers are becoming stronger to take any step.
The best way to use the candlestick charts is by knowing the patterns and using them as the tool to help the decision making step.
Price action traders use the patterns, their intuition and the previous market results to get the perfect result for any trade.


Candlestick price action is use other people time and money