Can I request to copy your trade every week

Can I request to copy your trade every week

reader’s message

Hi Long,
Since teaching me the Four candlestick trading strategy, I have not made money with it,
I am still fine-tuning my overall trading method.
My long time desire is to learn the comprehensive Candlestick training which cost £5300.
In the interim, can I request to copy your trade every week.
This is to enable me build up the cash for the Comprehensive course.



here is trade

GBPJPY buy 160.10
EURJPY buy 128.60
CADJPY buy 83.70
NZDJPY buy 76.85
XAGJPY buy 1702
XAUUSD buy 1118.32
XAUJPY buy 132178

you can buy “market order”


How to utilize the Candlestick charts for the effective trading
The effective trading is the approach to understanding the trading with deep impact, greater analysis, and higher profit.
First two are considered as the basic parameters of trading before placing your bid on stocks or the shares.
However, to do that one needs to understand the market with the particular approach.
There are different methods to read and understand the market behavior.
The most common example of such study can be a bar chart.
However, the bar chart cannot give the in-depth analysis.
The best way to understand and get the perfect analysis is to use the Candlestick charts.
Market Analysts and Experts claim that the minor and easy explanation of the candlestick charts can enhance the effectiveness of the trading.

Why thats Lose?

Can I request to copy your trade every weekCan I request to copy your trade every week